Tips For Doing Your Own Formal Makeup

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Sometimes, it can be hard to approach a professional makeup artist and hairstylist just to let them do your hair and makeup for formal events. You think that you can do it yourself, so why bother hiring professionals to do it. These days, it has become very popular for women to do their own makeup in order to avoid the pressure of hiring professionals when their peers can do it by themselves. What’s more, they can save up money and just buy the products that are compatible with their skin type. All they need is a few resources, video tutorials and a couple of makeup products and they are good to go.

If you are planning to do your own formal makeup, make sure you have everything ready. Your makeup style is affected by several factors such as the dress that you pick, your skin tone, your eye color and the size of your lips. If the formal event that you are attending is planned months ahead, then you have a good amount of time to prep your skin before the event. You pick the dress and hairstyle that you want first. This is to make sure that your choice of dress does not clash with the kind of makeup you are going to wear. Make it a regular routine to take care of skin. This is to achieve a natural look at the day of the event and that you do not have to apply a very thick makeup just to cover up your blemishes. In just a few months of this routine you will be able to achieve a blemish free skin.

Do you know that your eyebrows are more important compared to your facial features? It adds impact to your face. If you have let professionals do your makeup before, they will always ask you whether it is fine to have a bit of your eyebrows shaved off. This is to complement the makeup and achieve the desired result. Experts advise those who do their own makeup to have their eyebrows waxed at least three days prior to the formal event. This will give enough time for the irritations, swelling and redness to go away. You also need to decide whether you want to focus on your lips or your eyes. There are women who prefer to focus on the eyes because they draw more attention than their lips. Others prefer the lips for the same reason. If you are confused, ask yourself where you get more compliments between the two from your peers.

Doing your own makeup is a step to become independent from hiring professional makeup artists and hairstylist. But you need best wedding makeup artist Sydney if you are engaged in a wedding function in Sydney. Click here to get more details about these professionals. This is not a substitute for a more elaborate makeup like those used for bridal coverage or fashion gala. This is intended for women who prefer to have simple yet captivating makeup all done by their own hands. If possible, make sure you invest in high quality grade makeup. If you are allergic to certain makeup, you might want to search for hypoallergenic makeup or those that are designed for sensitive skin. For those who are not used to wearing makeup, it is only natural that you feel itchy on your skin.

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7 Martial Arts Movies You Must See

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Besides the fact they are tremendously fun, martial arts movies are really interesting.  Sometimes when you are just flipping through channels, if you stumble upon a martial arts movie you won’t be able to get yourself away from the TV.  Martial arts movies are all about the fight scenes which are somewhat interrupted with the story.  However, there are several martial arts movies which are a true delight for everyone.  These movies have an amazing plot as well as breathtaking fight scenes, and are incredibly fun and interesting to watch.  So here is the list of top seven martial arts movies that are a definite must-see.


7. Hero

hero2 In this incredible movie Jet Li manages to become a true hero of the choreographed scenes of fight.  The scenery in the movie is absolutely amazing, and the plot is quite interesting.  Basically it can be said that this is one movie which has absolutely everything that ago the martial arts movie should have.  It’s a definite must-see, if you like martial arts movies, be specially for those who haven’t already seen it!  But even if you have, you can always watch it once more.


4330090-seven+samurai+(1954)6. Seven Samurai

The Seven Samurai is a great martial arts movie, which is so good that you will forget that it is black and white.
Seven Samurai is a definite must-see, or anyone who likes martial arts movies.


5. Once Upon A Time In China

editedOnce Upon A Time In China is the first movie in trilogy starring Let Li.  The incredible fight scenes, as well as the equal the incredible story, will captivate your attention for the entire movie.

4. Kung Fu Hustle

Here’s one martial arts movie which serves to show that martial arts movies can be fun, and do not have to be serious.  The amazing fight scenes are intertwined with the ridiculous story which will make you glued to your seat from the beginning until the very end of this film.


3. Assassins

This amazing movie shows the rivalry between assassins and samurais.  It also shows how battles can be won by careful, strategic planning and scheming, and not to just by using sheer force.  For those of you who love to root for the underdog, you will definitely be amazed with this movie.


2. Kill Bill Vol.1

poster_killbillvol1This thrilling film has some major fights scenes as well as some massive scenes of violence.  Also, the protagonist, hot female star Uma Thurman, is unarguably amazing at the fight scenes.  Furthermore, the story is quite thrilling and it will captivate your attention.


1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ang Lee’s epic movie is literally such an amazing martial arts movie that once it is finished you will want to see it again.  Not only that it is amazing, but it also has tree fighting scenes, how cool is that?

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