Air duct cleaning does not mean sweeping the ducts only. But, it is addressing every component air passes over. This includes:

  • Coils
  • Central system

Why clean air ducts?

There are 2 reasons why air ducts must be cleaned. These are as follows:

  • Air quality indoors

It is a major concern especially for the house owners as dust is formed every day. As we have to conduct various activities at home, many contaminants are generated that are dust, chemicals, air pollutants, etc. With time, if not cleaned up on a regular basis, these contaminants get re-circulated which is not good for your breathing. If the ducts are not clean, it does not mean that there is unhealthy air in your home. However, in colleges, schools or workplaces, these can make people ill by causing several health problems such as- autoimmune diseases, respiratory health conditions as well as some allergic diseases.

Air-Duct Cleaning Services

  • Energy savings

It is stated that energy is wasted in heating and cooling up to 30-40 percent. It is because the contaminants cause the system to work harder and also shorten the life of your system in the heating and cooling system. In spite of filters being present, normal use also makes these heating, and the cooling system gets dirty. If the air ducts are cleaned properly, the process saves energy that makes it cost- effective as well as does not make the system harder.

Why inspection of air ducts is important?

The role of these companies is to access whether the structural integrity of the system is well or not as well as to access its cleanliness. Important things that they access are searching for any obstruction, microbial contamination and excess moisture.

When is the need for air duct cleaning?

It depends upon a varied number of factors. These are as follows:

  • Local weather
  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Renovations done recently
  • Home cleanliness

How is air ducts cleaned?

Mostly companies use Powerful vacuum equipment to clean these air ducts. There are proper steps that the professional companies like cleaning corp follow as to clean the air ducts for you. Cleaning corp provides the best home cleaning services in Sydney and many other cleaning services. The steps of cleaning are as follows:

Step1 – First inspect the air ducts

Step2- Clean all the grills and registers

Step3- Make proper use of powerful vacuum equipment

Step4- Remove debris and dust

Step5- Reassemble everything before testing system operation

Once completed, you will be satisfied fully and will be able to breathe fresh air.

Air ducts are an important part of the cooling system. One needs to take care of them for the system’s better functioning. Follow these pointers and keep it working for a longer time period!